Premiere: Out Of Fuel & Akinsa – Constellations

Out of Fuel return for their third and most sonically diverse outing yet on Translation with the Constellations EP, featuring collaborations with Fuj and Akinsa. The Finnish duo have spent the better part of a decade exploring the deeper and more experimental side of the 170 spectrum in their Helsinki-based studio, in their DJ sets abroad, and on their monthly IDA Radio show – Harmaa – which navigates the grey area between deep drum & bass and techno, often eschewing genre completely to explore the outer edges of electronic music. The amalgam of influences shines brightly on every track, from the half-time sounds of Background Radiation, to the deep and rolling title-track, Constellations, and the hypnotic, slow-burning Gravity Well.

Check out the premiere of ‘Constellations’ exclusive to One.Seventy.

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