Premiere: Soul Beat Runna – Psychotropic

Taken from Squares Music’s latest 4-tracker by Soul Beat Runna, ‘Psychotropic’ is an autonomic pastiche, layering machine drums, ethereal pads and a distinctive vocal to great effect. Check out Soul Beat Runna ‘Psychotropic’ exclusively from One.Seventy. ONE.SEVENTY · Premiere: Soul Beat Runna – Psychotropic

Premiere: Pessimist – WPN – 1

Pessimist returns to UVB-76 Music with WPN-1 and WPN-2. Tracking at 170 and 130 beats per minute respectively, Pessimist asserts himself with drawn out apprehensive intros on both tracks leading to tribal drums and weighty basslines on WPN-1 and percussive hardcore-esque breaks and tones on WPN-2. A triumphant return for one of the labels finest.Continue reading “Premiere: Pessimist – WPN – 1”

Premiere: Overlook – Midnight Sun

UVB-76 veteran Overlook returns once again with a new EP in the form of ‘Lost Souls Club’. Four tracks drenched in film-noir soundscapes and topped with razor sharp breakbeats, never once compromising in its intricate details and scope. This a journey truly encompassing the past, present and future of the genre. Check out the premiereContinue reading “Premiere: Overlook – Midnight Sun”

Premiere – Clarity & Holsten – You Alright?

Clarity returns to the fore with the stunning Basalt EP on UVB-76 Music. Four tracks split across two tempos, bound together with a signature clinical precision and prowess commonly associated with Clarity’s work. Title track ‘Basalt’ and ‘Different Ways’ lurk at a moody 130 bpm, while ‘You Alright?’ (alongside label mate Holsten) and ‘Drifter’ areContinue reading “Premiere – Clarity & Holsten – You Alright?”

Premiere: Out Of Fuel & Akinsa – Constellations

Out of Fuel return for their third and most sonically diverse outing yet on Translation with the Constellations EP, featuring collaborations with Fuj and Akinsa. The Finnish duo have spent the better part of a decade exploring the deeper and more experimental side of the 170 spectrum in their Helsinki-based studio, in their DJ setsContinue reading “Premiere: Out Of Fuel & Akinsa – Constellations”

Premiere: Heron Flow – Swear Down

Heron Flow returns to CNVX with the hauntingly beautiful ‘Beauty & Decay’ EP.This 4 tracker sees Heron Flow’s sound maturing and carving out their own take in the Drum & Bass spectrum. Whilst the roots are clearly Autonomic influenced, the tracks take cues from modern r&b and Trap productions. pitched down vocals sing slurred codeineContinue reading “Premiere: Heron Flow – Swear Down”

Premiere: Loxy & Overlook – The Harbinger

Droogs continue their campaign of villainy with a collaboration between drum & bass mainstays Loxy & Overlook on ‘The Harbinger’ and a solo effort from Overlook in the form of ‘Moloko’. A Sure shot combination to get any dancefloor into a frenzy, drum & bass fundamentals and a no nonsense attitude. Check out the premiereContinue reading “Premiere: Loxy & Overlook – The Harbinger”

One.Seventy Launches New Mixcloud Show

We are proud to announce that we have launched a new monthly One.Seventy show exclusively for Mixcloud kicking off with amazing music from Synkro, Dyl, Inhmost, Cedar, RVSHES and more. From deep drum & bass to ambient and beyond, we have you covered. We have ‘thrown our lot in’ with mixcloud as our platform ofContinue reading “One.Seventy Launches New Mixcloud Show”

Inhmost – Dying Days Light Behind

Words by Alexander Inhmost delivers a six track EP of ambient sonics, aural reprises and vast soundscapes. Themed around the duality of night and day, dark and light, aptly realising the themes on cassette tape, a resurgent medium, part lost in time, part timeless. A journey beyond, destination unknown. Ambient regulars will be familiar withContinue reading “Inhmost – Dying Days Light Behind”