Inhmost – Dying Days Light Behind

Words by Alexander

Inhmost delivers a six track EP of ambient sonics, aural reprises and vast soundscapes. Themed around the duality of night and day, dark and light, aptly realising the themes on cassette tape, a resurgent medium, part lost in time, part timeless. A journey beyond, destination unknown.

Ambient regulars will be familiar with Inhmost’s recent solo output on labels like La Luna, Huinali Recordings and re:st as well as recent collaborations with ASC on Auxiliary. The more eagle eyed will also know Inhmost as Aural imbalance on 720 Degrees and as TQ One on Ascendant Grooves both in the late ‘90s, both under the Good Looking Records umbrella.

A mix of the innately earthly and a celestial curiosity, Dying Days Light Behind employs the sounds of nature to lay foundations for a story untold. Water streaming through a rivulet, distant bird call, autumn leaves crushed underfoot, as a listening experience quite inward looking and a sobering reset to view the world with fresh eyes.

Nature occurring on the both on a diminutive and universal scale. Projects like this are best considered as complete bodies of work rather than individual pieces. The experience is a journey rather than a collection of disparate points. A slow fade through an emotive dance. A precession of ideas, turning in time.

Recommended for cosmonauts and shaman alike.

Inhmost ‘Dying Days Light Behind’ is out on 4th January on Captured Visions.

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