The Vision Reels & Barefoot – Internal Wave Sequence 1

Words by Alexander

Internal Wave Sequence 1 is the opening release from The Vision Reels & Barefoot on their new label venture Captured Visions. A four track EP available on cassette tape and digital, the EP is a beat free ambient ensemble, provoking reflective moods and cascading emotions.

The production duo combine a wealth of experience from sound engineering, commercial sound tracking and their formative underground sonics, brought together with extensive backgrounds in modular synthesis and in-the-box production techniques.

Taking form around initial field recordings on England’s south coast, Internal Wave Sequence 1 is themed around the ocean with further sequences in the series promising to explore beyond into other elements. On the surface the EP has a still calmness to it, a reassuring peace that masks a tonal depth that underpins each composition. There is a cumulative character to the sequence, almost a countdown to having to let goes of your senses and relinquish yourself to the music. Internal Wave Sequence certainly isn’t casual listening, it demands your full attention as a listener and rightly so. For fans of Kizen Records and Oslated or Auxiliary, Captured Visions is a label to watch. Set sail and enjoy.

The Vision Reels & Barefoot – Internal Wave Sequence 1 is out on the 5th August and comes highly recommended.

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