Premiere: Deft & Lewis James – Wolf 503 b

’Teleporter’ is the new joint EP from Deft & Lewis James; a natural pairing of minds for a project that has been long in the making. Both have indirectly crossed paths via separate releases and collabs on Exit Records and 1985 Music, and now come together on Deft’s own B4 Music.

Both artists are well versed in creating a balanced combination of atmospheric soundscapes, heavy sound design and emotively driven electronic music (evident in their last releases for 20/20 LDN / Hooversound and Exit / Astrophonica respectively), which ’Teleporter’ does not fall short on.

Check out the premiere of Deft & Lewis James ‘Wolf 503 b’ exclusively to One.Seventy.

Deft & Lewis James ‘Teleporter’ is out on B4 Music on 26th March.

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