Back At It… Sort Of

Words by Alexander

Week 20 of Covid-19 in the UK and the dance music industry continues in its endeavour to find ways to work around the massive restrictions imposed on our culture. While the abundance of high-quality live DJ streams have been a god send, I can’t help but think the whole experience feels profoundly remote.

It’s clear that promoters large and small are trying to find opportunities to keep the party moving. A few weeks ago I noticed that four festivals, all with enormous line ups appeared roughly around the same time online, all taking place in August through to September in Malta. BPM Festival, Escape 2 The Island, Back In the Future and Rhythm + Waves Festival all with predominantly UK based line ups have now however been cancelled citing a rise in the recorded Covid-19 cases on the island as the cause. Covid-19 has been widely reported as the death knell for up-scale clubbing with talk of the bubble bursting for Ibiza and an industry dead with only the ‘scene’ alive.

Meanwhile, although online music communities are a net positive, they can be the best and worst places for constructive discussion and completely lacking the intimacy and satisfaction of actually getting together as a scene. London promoters have responded by making the most of outside spaces and super low key socially distanced get togethers, strictly adhering to venue capacities. Seemingly, small events have more options to navigate the current climate, under far less scrutiny than larger capacity operations and maybe with a bit more dexterity to move quickly. When I think about other underground operators in South London like Distant Planet, Das Booty and Club Glow, I can see the potential for a real focus on what are in effect grassroots heroes. Outside the hype and theatre of the ‘industry’ is a dedicated creative foundation who are always present and have been peaking in the last few years.

It is in this spirit that One.Seventy will be at London’s number one record shop Disc World on Saturday 22nd August for an all-day vinyl session with DB1, Oliver Yorke, Alexander and Rob Vanden. Come down and join us as we work our way through the history of the One.Seventy sound up until now in a fully socially distanced fashion.

Since opening in January, the shop has become synonymous with record buyers for its in-house label and DJ showcases which kicked off at its opening with Flight, Chickaboo, Sicknote, Dexta, Sweatpea, Mr Porter, Deemas Jay, Mantra, Highrise, D-Lo, Stretch, Handy, Tasha, Tim Reaper and Yorobi. Disc World also happens to be the best place to buy new Drum & Bass vinyl in the UK.

In an uncertain time, places like Disc World are providing a firm backbone for us as a scene, a community and movement to continue to exist in a substantial capacity. Covid-19 illustrates the important role that a music retailer can perform as a hub for musical movements in many ways echoing the role that strongholds like Blackmarket Records have historically occupied in our music.

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