Finding a New Way

With recent restrictions on how events in the UK can function, we have been both racking our brains and exploring new options as to how we can effectively function as an event. Closely following the developments each week we have have the opportunity to consider the values which originally drove us to create ONE.SEVENTY.

When we originally launched the events in October 2016 we had a simple mission statement to present an under represented sub genre of Drum & Bass in an alternative setting to create opportunity for greater experimentation and experience. This was realised as a Sunday day time event which removed the pressure and expectation which artists usually felt to perform in a certain way. A community was born.

So what does this mean today? We have a strong dedicated following who are open to new sounds and new ways of doing. Current obstacles created by Covid-19 gives us the opportunity to think more creatively about how we can present and showcase music. Recently we have been speaking to several venue managers who remain optimistic about what comes next, be it a reworked club dynamic, further proliferation of streamed in-club events or the creative usage of outdoor spaces. This hardship will create opportunity.

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